FIB Heineken 2008 Benicàssim – Roundup (personal opinion)

This year I went to the Festival International de Benicàssim and I would give you a short roundup of my personal experiences and expressions. If you decide to get there next year, you should read this.

In a few words

Music & sunshine, very nice and friendly employees, good camping, exorbitantly expensive food and drinks (10€ for a pizza, 2,5€ for a 0.5l water, 1€ for a small banana), over-organized (too restrictive securtiy everywhere, employees counting toilet paper sheets), badly organized (cash machines, info points), long distances between camping and the ozean/venue (especially from the camping area Benicamp).


If you like to listen to good music, combined with a good camping experience and hangin’ around at the beach, FIB is for you. I went to the FIB 2008 three days before the official beginning to make FIB a summer holiday. More